The Most Holy Trinity homily

The Most Holy Trinity sunday homily




The Most Holy Trinity homilySt. Patrick. used the Shamrock to teach and to explain the belief about the Trinity Godhead: Father, Son and Holy Sprit.

The Triangle is also to describe relations among Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We can use another way to say the Trinity like a river: this bank is the Father, the other bank is The Son and water is the Holy Spirit. Wherever the river flows it brings new life.

How can we know God? Jesus revealed to us the great mystery of our faith – the nature of God and the union of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Jesus’ mission is to reveal the glory of God to us – a Trinity of persons –  God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – and to unite us with God in a community of love.

Jesus reveals the Father. He is the eternal Father by his relationship to his only Son. The Spirit, likewise, is one with the Father and the Son. 

In baptism we are called to share in the life of the Holy Trinity here on earth in faith and after death in eternal light.

Dear brothers and sisters.

Holy Trinity is an example, a model of our community, of our family. The Holy Sprit is the love between The Father and The Son. In every situation, the Father, The Son and The Holy Sprit work together and share common mission to love and serve human beings.  

With Holy Trinity we learn lessons about love, service and to help each other. In community, in family, we are invited to follow the model of The Trinity. The Parents are concerned about the kids and we love and honour our parents. The Godhead reminds us to share what we have with those who are in need. We are living in a world divided by violence and hatred. The Holy Trinity helps us to live and build up the world in unity, love and peace. We can do that when we know how to give ourselves for others, when we recognise the love of God and His care for us in our lives. In the family, sometimes we forget to serve and sacrifice for others. The Holy Trinity teaches us the best way to live and love.

May Holy Trinity help us to know how to love and serve all those who are in need.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of The Holy Spirit



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