Bài hát JMJ Rio 2013 anh ngữ


Bài hát JMJ Rio 2013 anh ngữ


Bài hát JMJ Rio 2013 anh ngữTrong không khí nhộn nhịp của giới trẻ thế giới hướng về Đại Hội Giới Trẻ Rio Janeiso, Brasil, xin giới thiệu với cộng đoàn và các bạn bài hát của đại hội, bản Anh Ngữ. 

Under the shadow, marked forever
With the sign of The Redeemer
On the hilltop, Corcovado
The whole world is filled with His love.

(Chorus) Christ invites us :
Come to me, be my friends
Christ, He sends us
“Be missionaries !”

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Can you see it, it is springtime
We have the hope of a dawn
Can you hear Him, He is calling
Receive His gift of faith
Can you imagine, if every nation
Every tribe and tongue, this generation
Saying no to war, no to hatred
Love, peace and goodness reigns.

From the East to the West
Our house is open, has no door
our land has no fences,
There are no limits to our love
We are scattered through the world
But we all keep the very same zeal
It’s your grace that sustains us
And keeps us faithful to you

We hear you, as you say
“Go make disciples, of all nations,
A new people, in unity
Bring their hearts to me”
Proclaiming your gospel
Lives are changed, we’re not the same
A new creation, the old has gone
We know a new world will come.